Mission Statement of the Derwent Valley Concert Band

The Derwent Valley Concert Band (DVCB) was established in 1993 with a simple initiative: to provide a structured, instrumental activity for gifted and talented students, in local and surrounding communities. Since inception, the DVCB has developed into an iconic cultural institution. It provides skill development for people of all ages and exposure to a wide range of instrumental genres. Performance experiences are broad ranging, and extend across widely diverse cultural settings, both locally and internationally. The 60-strong playing membership is eclectic – comprising people from all ‘walks of life’, and includes a Development Band for students and beginner adults, and a Senior Band, suitable for more advanced players. The Band has lifted the profile of New Norfolk significantly and has catapulted the Community into the international spotlight. The DVCB is now highly regarded as New Norfolk’s flagship of success which has invigorated the cultural, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social life of the local and surrounding communities. The Band has also achieved recognition awards at a local and international level for both their marching and concert presentations. Committed to maintaining a high level of musical excellence in the context of an amateur Community Band, the DVCB embraces the role as a community band, and continues to provide opportunities for encouragement and development of all who belong.