Members of the DVCB

Band Patron
Belle Pearson

Life Members
Doug Boote
Layton Hodgetts OAM
Lance McCallum
Robert McCrossen
Lyall McDermott
Belle Pearson
June Purkiss
Jim Taylor
Max Whittaker

David Hickey (Bass Clarinet), 1993 – 2002
Bruce Rule (Trombone), 2001 – 2007
Max Whittaker (Tenor Saxophone), 1993 – 2013
Alan Pearson, 1993 – 2013
Calvin McClay (Percussion)
June Purkiss, 1993 – 2018

Musical Director: Layton Hodgetts  OAM
Chief Conductor: Lyall McDermott
Assistant Conductor: Andrew Castles
Conductor, Intermediate Band: Andrew Castles
Conductor, Development Band: Frances White
Librarian: Leeanne Clark

(Last updated: 25th January 2018)