DVCB Vision Statement

The DVCB provides a Community Band program in New Norfolk, Tasmania, which:

  • is accessible to musicians of all ages
  • is committed to engaging its members and audiences in a high level of musical excellence, a wide range of performance experiences, and widely diverse musical genres in both concert and marching presentations
  • Encourages smaller ensembles from within the band- Stage Band, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, ad hoc ensembles.
  • will continue to remain committed to providing music entertainment at State, Civic and other local celebrations and ceremonies, as well as formal concerts each year
  • is committed to engaging in State, National and International Competition, believing that it enables music standards to be upheld and raised
  • will provide a development training program for younger members from schools and beginner adults in the community, and will incorporate and engage guest instructors / directors whenever possible, to enhance and stimulate skill development
  • values the diversity of cultural differences and is committed to maintaining a strong link with the world-wide banding network, from which concert tours abroad and reciprocal visits may continue to flourish in the future Governance and decision making within the DVCB is as follows:
  • the administration will continue to be under the control of the Constituted Management Committee
  • all matters pertaining to music will be under the control of the Music Director, Drum Major and a representative from each instrumental section of the Band who will meet as the Music Advisory Committee

The Band maintains a resolve in ensuring that:

  • there is always a strong sense of welcome and belonging
  • a sense of enjoyment is enhanced by everyone
  • lives, events and communities are celebrated through the ongoing programming of musical events