Learner Programme

Playing music is a valuable life-skill and we believe anyone in the local community should have access to learning an instrument and playing in a band.

The Learner Programme is a music program for beginner level instrument music – no experience necessary! The programme is open to anyone 10yrs and older/

The Learner Programme provides:

  • Access to specialist instrumental tutors
  • Opportunity to learn to read music and play in an ensemble
  • Focus toward Concert Band instrumentation and skills
  • Builds a fresh and new generation of DVCB musicians

Rehearsals: Wednesday’s 5:15pm – 6:15pm during school terms

Venue: DVCB Bandrooms, at the Memorial Hall, Circle Street, New Norfolk

For more information please contact:

Sarah Okenyo, Learner Programme: 0414 311 655

Lyall McDermott, Director of Music: 0447 481 203

OR email us at:


Why play music?  Have a Look!

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