Learner Programme

An initiative of the 2022 DVCB Committee of Management is to develop a programme to provide structured instrumental and ensemble tuition to aspiring musicians in the Derwent Valley.

Playing music is a valuable life-skill and we believe anyone in the local community should have access to learning an instrument and playing in a band.

The Learner Programme will:

  • Be offered to anyone 10yrs and older
  • Provide access to specialist instrumental tutors
  • Provide opportunity to learn to read music and play in an ensemble
  • Focused toward Concert Band instrumentation and skills
  • Build a fresh and new generation of DVCB musicians

We need your help!


We are looking for someone to assist us in creating and delivering the programme.

Are you interested in lending your skills and and expertise?

With support of the DVCB Committee of Management and DVCB Community,  you will:

  • Formulate the initial ideas into a structured format to deliver over a period of time
  • Plan the required resources, coordinate tutors and helpers to deliver the programme
  • Aid in promoting the programme
  • Lead regular ensemble sessions

If you’re interested in the role of Programme Coordinator, please review the Expression of Interest document below and get in touch!

Expression of Interest Programme Coordinator